We are on a mission to improve lives of Aiken County Children
At Children's Place
we can create.

Children's Place Board of Directors


Peggy Davis, President

Cathy Robey-Williams, Vice-President

Gerry Owen, Treasurer

Karel Marshall, Secretary
Sara Wood
Juan Cruz
Megan Godard
Darlene Murdoch
Nola Grant
Leslie Wyatt
Sally Bradley

Jeanne Townes Norris

Harriet Wood

Jeffrey Humphries

Scott Ansede

Kim Crourse

Janice Nix

Tom Williams

Board Members for Life
Phyllis Coker
Mark Whitaker

Comments from the Board:

What it means to be a member of Board of Directors of Children's Place:
It means taking pride in what you do for Aiken County Children
It means working hard to provide necessary funds to keep the program running
It means crying for joy when a child achieves something he did because we are there.
It means feeling grateful for the staff who lovingly provide care every day under hard conditions.
It means the world to me.
Phyllis Yerace

As a nurse, I am tasked with helping people. I cannot imagine anything better than helping innocent children. Children's Place helps the needy and hurting children of Aiken County in a way that I have not seen before. The staff is fully engaged in their mission! It is an honor to serve with the best of Aiken County.
Jeff Humphries