We are on a mission to improve lives of Aiken County Children
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Upcoming Fund-raisers at Children's Place

Beth Spangler's "Like a Bird" Single is to Benefit Children's Place

Local singer soars with initiative to donate Itunes royalties to benefit Children's Place Inc.

Beth Spangler to Benefit Childrens Place.

Sponsor Celebrity Waiter Night 2014

May 12, 2014 will be the 19th annual Celebrity Waiter Night bringing "celebrities" from across our area to wait tables in many local restaurants.  Last year we raised more than $130,000.00 to help pay for our core programming. Call Kelly Findley at 803.641.4144 for more information or complete and submit a sponsorship pledge form.

Print the 2014 Celebrity Waiter Sponsorship Form


Guardian Angel Campaign 2014

Honor a loved one by giving them a gift that will be remembered all year long. With you tax-deductible donation, you will receive a beautiful angel crafted by one of our children. More importantly, you will know that you have contributed to the wellbeing of over 100 at-risk children. This year, more than ever, we appreciate your support of our children.

  • For a donation of $25 you can be a Cherub
  • For a donation of $50 you can be a Guardian
  • For a donation of $100 you can be an Angel
  • For a donation of $365 you can sponsor a child for a year
    and be a Guardian Angel