Stand Up for Children - the campaign for Children's Place, Inc.

Think back to your childhood.


Chances are good someone – your parents, your teacher, your minister – was your advocate. They fostered your potential and taught you right from wrong. They did everything they could to make your future bright. 

Right here in Aiken, too many children need someone standing up for them. Their future has been stolen by drug abuse, violence, or broken homes. Without an advocate, they have very little hope.

Will you STAND UP for them?

Children’s Place is one of Aiken County’s best chances for a healthy community.

We give children and families hope, healing, and a path towards a productive life. But we’re at capacity. Instead of turning families away, you can help us turn them around.

With your investment in the $1.5 MILLION STAND UP for CHILDREN campaign,

we can move to a bigger facility and:

when children are still infants. 

by uncovering the potential in more at-risk families instead of wasting it 

more emotional scars and behavioral problems.